Kenji Wellman

Thanks for visiting my portfolio.

I’m a software developer with an interest in indie games, mobile apps, and multiplayer systems. I’m fascinated by complexity and discovering ways to manage and control it.

Currently, I spend a lot of my free time creating mobile games. I showcase them on my other site, Yargies.

I also occasionally update my blog, and post to twitter. You can contact me at

Here’s a partial list of the products I’ve created:

The Unfollow App

See who’s following you back and who’s not on Twitter. Features include receiving push notifications when someone unfollows you, multiple twitter accounts, and keeping a history of who has unfollowed you.

I wrote this Android app in Java. The backend was written in Python and hosted on AWS.


This site uses the twitter search API and some basic natural language processing to surface tweets containing potentially great ideas for new websites and apps. Be inspired to build something people actually want (YMMV). Users can vote up or down a tweet to filter out the better ideas.

Written in Python and hosted on Google App Engine.

Drag To Shirt

DragToShirt is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily turn any web page into a t-shirt shop. It does not require any changes to your current web page design, simply install the plugin and images become draggable onto a t-shirt designer that slides into view. Try out the demonstration on the homepage to see it in action. It uses the Spreadshirt API so that users can actually order the t-shirts they design.

Face It Shirt

Design and buy a t-shirt featuring photos from your Facebook albums. The color, size, and fit of the t-shirt can all be customized. If you want to add a caption to the t-shirt, you can do that too. It uses the Spreadshirt API so that users can actually order the t-shirts they design.

This site won first place in a Spreadshirt API competition.

No longer maintained