Kenji Wellman

I like creating apps and websites. This page was designed to showcase some of the projects I've worked on. If you like what you see, I'm available for contract work.

My interests include entrepreneurship, programming, and science. I'm particularly interested in complex systems, such as online communities, large-scale web apps, and biological systems, and understanding the rules and dynamics that cause favorable collective behavior to emerge. I have a degree in Computational Biology.

The Unfollow App (Android)

Unfollow App

The Unfollow App allows you to see who your real friends are on twitter. See who’s following you back and who’s not.

Features: Connect multiple twitter accounts. Receive push notifications when someone unfollows you. View your history of who has unfollowed you.

Twtspire (Web)

App ideas

Crowdsource app and website ideas using twitter. This site uses the twitter search API to find tweets containing potentially great ideas for new websites and apps, so that you can be inspired to build something people want. Sometimes the ideas are amusing or ridiculous, but occasionally something brilliant emerges from the tweetsphere. Users can vote up or down a tweet to filter out the better ideas. Link.

Likes+ for Instagram (iOS and Android)

Get likes on Instagram

Likes+ for Instagram is an easy way to get more exposure for your photos. Earn coins by liking other photos, and use your coins to get likes for your own photos and videos. Every account starts with 20 coins for free! Simple, easy, and free. Get Likes+.

Face It Shirt (Web)

Face It Shirt

Design and buy a t-shirt using photos from your Facebook albums. Users can put one of their favorite facebook photos on to a t-shirt. The color, size, and fit of the t-shirt can all be customized. If you want to add a caption to the t-shirt, you can do that too. When the user is happy with the design, it is automatically uploaded to and they are redirected to the checkout page.

Drag To Shirt (Javascript)

Drag To Shirt

DragToShirt is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily turn a web page into a t-shirt shop. It uses the Spreadshirt api, and allows your visitors to drag images from your site onto t-shirts to generate a product that they can then buy. This is very convenient if you have, for example, an online gallery and you want to make money by making commissions from t-shirt sales. It’s designed to be easy to use, customizable, and not require any changes to your current web page design. Try out the demonstration on the homepage to see it in action!